Big Musical Fun

I have to wonder if the reason why so many of those pop music stars self-destruct is simply because they’re not having any fun. In my travels through YouTube I’ve come across a bunch of music being played with what looks and sounds like big fun. The musical quality is all over the place, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s all very real, and honest.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

Virtually anything this guy and his friends do is worth watching.

This isn’t an easy song to do, for anyone.

This must have been so much fun! That tenor sax player is good enough to join the real band.

This is more of an acquired taste, but just imagine playing this.

These guys are all pros who’ve done it 1,000,000 times but, for some reason, it looks like they’re really having fun this time.

I can’t imagine how he put all this together.

You can’t dance to this, but they did a fantastic job.

These guys don’t wear fancy clothes or make funny faces, but just imagine putting this together.

This is a group of high school kids. They’re not perfect but they’ve got their own way of adding value.

This style of music might not be your cup of tea, but just watch how much fun they’re having.

These guys and girl are far from rock stars, and I doubt they’re getting paid. But watch how much fun they’re having.

I didn’t know that Rockabilly was big in Latvia, but these guys and girl are doing just fine, and having what looks like a great time.

So what if they didn’t have a big audience? They’re all fantastic, especially the guitar player + singer guy. Imagine this much talent at an unknown BBQ joint.

Imagine recording this on a fine sunny summer afternoon with a whole bunch of your friends.

Watch how these two enjoy each other’s singing.

This is the ultimate garage band, plus they’ve got Boris Johnson from the UK on drums. Check out their extensive videos on YouTube – you’ll be amazed.

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